Prediction and Fantasy League results

Afternoon peoples, hope the week has started well for you all. Now the World Cup has finished we can see how our prediction and fantasy shenanigans played out.

Before I unveil the results though, I would like to say what a good tournament it was and well played to both France for winning it and also to the hosts Russia for putting on such a good display. A fantastic atmosphere throughout and refreshingly peaceful and friendly - exactly how a football tournament should be. Lastly, to carry on the tradition set by our previous forum's host, it would be remiss of me not to say on behalf of us all, how well England did; a truly world class showing. Marvellous, wot wot, I'll say.

Moving swiftly on then, ruddy well played to Tom and DaBandit - the winners of the Fantasy and Prediction Leagues respectively and also to Judgernaut, Romper, Stuart and of course Tipsydudl, for giving our winners a real run for their money. You cannot get any closer than Stu did and it was neck and neck all the way there. Here are the final standings:

Really good fun little games they were and now, safe in the knowledge of who we need to nobble for future competitions, I think we'll expand them and probably in turn also their participant numbers for the EPL season. Which by the way, is not very far off at all now and thank dog for that. Nice too that we've already made a couple of what I feel are very astute signings. Although like every fan, I'm still yearning for that (perhaps mythical) marquee to arrive. There's still time...

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