2018/19 Fantasy and Prediction Leagues

Article by Denny.

Ok people the time for talking the talk has well passed, now its time to walk the walk. Dust of your sheepskin coats, reach for your never-ending chewing gum and remember your umbrella in case it starts raining.

YES! its time for fantasy football league. This year having done some research I have gone with the following website.


Once on the site, join the league labelled Liverbird nest testimonial. Create an imaginary team name and enter the league password as kloppsteeth. When making an account please use your forum name so we know who you are.

After joining check out the league rules which give you an idea on how you score points.

Most important is the transfer window. This starts live on Sunday, 5th of August, at 11:00AM BST. Basically, place bids on players with 500k increments. Bids wont be live till the following Monday night.

If you bid 10 million and the player is won with 9 million you get a million refunded. Think Ebay!

Bids on players roll over the auction so some hot players *cough* Salah *cough* Firmino may not get concluded for several days. Plus you can only own 3 players from one club, so get your stats book out from last season to find out how good those Cardiff centre backs really are!

Captain earns you double points so think hard about putting that armband on Karius against Real Madrid...

I have limited the league to 20 teams, if there are more people than places I suggest we run another type of fantasy league like the Premier League one, as its easier to have big numbers.

Any issues post below and may the best team win!

Thanks Denny, great job setting that up and having just joined, I found it a simple enough process.

As mentioned above, the name you use to register becomes your manager name. It's unchangeable after the event, so you may wish to use your forum name or at least something which relates to it. It asks for a first and surname, so I used Gone and Fishin. Your team name remains editable after the set up process.

So, that's us well catered for fantasy wise, with a new format which looks like it will be great fun to play. Talking of which, DBM found that excellent World Cup predictor game for us and he's been good enough to set up an EPL version too. Please use the following link to join.


People who are already registered from the World Cup version can simply press the 'become a member' button on that page and that's it, you're all set. For new players, you will first need to complete the registration process.

There's no team name in this one, just your player name and that remains editable after registration, so you can tweak it to reflect your forum name, or just go with something totally random like Tipsydudl!

I do think it makes it more enjoyable though if we know who's who and also at some stage, I'll be trying to source prizes for these games; so if you have any designs on winning untold amounts of Nivea product, then we'll need to know who you are - no anonymous vessels suddenly finding captains at the end, once they realise they're in with a shout of looking like Adam Lallana.

Both the buttons at the top of this site now take you to the correct pages as linked herein and it may still be that DBM needs to furnish new players with a league password for the predictor game. Although I see there's an option to send invites via email and can certainly do that for anyone who would like one.

Would like to mention at this point, that if you found your way here but have not as yet read the previous article, then please go back a thread and check it out. It really merits your viewing.

Hopefully that's all the info required for the two games but please post any queries below and I will finish by expressing the same sentiment as Denny - good luck peoples! - may the best man, dog, god or Lady win.
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