Our beautiful sweet Lady x


I would like to first add the caveat that I will in no way get this right. I'm in absolute pieces and it's impossible to say the right words as they simply do not exist. I will also likely add to this/maybe write another piece in the coming days. This is the very saddest of news and I am so deeply sorry that it is true. Last night Bev asked for my number and this morning I spoke to her. Having already known things were far from good, I am bitterly sorry and upset to say that they have worsened.

Bev is suffering from infections which the doctors cannot treat further and due to her not being able to eat, as well as the bone marrow transplant and previous treatments leaving her immune system so low, her body is unable to fight off the infections itself. I cannot bring myself to spell things out, but having exhausted every avenue, the doctors are now talking in terms of weeks. Bev has asked to go home to be with her family and I believe that is due to happen shortly.

@Lady👠liver👄bird, Bev I'm so sorry for my shy and clumsy nature on the phone, I just didn't know what to say and struggled to get the words out. I cannot believe how brave you are and am forever grateful that we spoke. I hope maybe we can speak again.

You know usually in the past if I were to write the word love in a post to you, I would often put the disclaimer that I meant it as a friend and I always do mean it that way but I don't want to say it like that any more. I just want to tell you that I love you more than anything else in this world. You are the most amazing person I've ever met and though it's only through a football forum, since the moment I met you, I just wanted to try and look out for you and also make you smile and make your days a little brighter. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you happy. Since you have been so poorly all I wanted is to wrap you up in cotton wool and make this illness go away and it is soul crushingly sad that it hasn't done. I still am not going to give up hope though Bev, but if you are going to go anywhere, then all I want to do is hold your hand and come with you x

I'm very glad that you are able to return home to your family and cannot imagine how they must feel. Nothing I can say will do it justice but from all of your many friends here, our thoughts and prayers are with you all, and I mean the following most sincerely - If there is anything at all which we can do to help then please say because we will most certainly do it. You have a wonderful family and if they or you hear of any other treatments which may be available, even if they're on the other side of the planet, again we would do all that we could to help make such happen.

Well I feel the above isn't anywhere close to cutting the mustard and definitely not close to conveying just how much love and care there is for you here Bev. You are our hero and a genuinely beautiful person in every way possible. We are always with you Sweetpea, walking by your side x You will never walk alone x
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