Having Your Cake and Biting It?

Ramos is an absolute disgrace isn't he? He should not be allowed on a football pitch as he deliberately set out to injure or at least rough up Salah contrary to the rules of the game. Not surprisingly for many on this site and the wider LFC supporting community he is the devil incarnate.

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I wonder though what they would be saying if that was a Liverpool player - say St Suarez for example? I really do think many are hypocritical and only call out opponents and not their own players who behave disgracefully too. Not many criticised Suarez when he regularly bumped into players, raked his studs down the back of their legs and stamped on their feet.

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Even when he bit players, many seemed to find it more funny than bad or sad and thought his punishment too severe when it was probably too lenient given he did it again. Then again there was the racial taunting of Evra but, of course, I am forgetting that was all Evra's fault. What was he thinking of? Being black and then having the audacity to complain when someone kept taunting him with it even when it was clear it was upsetting him?

Of course I am running the risk here of looking foolish when Jaimie's book (finally) comes out and reveals new yet to be heard evidence which completely exonerates him but I'm not holding my breath and by then I expect I will be long past caring.........(come on JK if you're man enough;-))
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