Fantasy and prediction leagues for the 2018 World Cup

Good morning peoples, hope you are all well. This will only be a brief article as I very much do not wish to detract from DaBandit's most excellent series and recently posted final instalment.

For any one landing on this page who may not have yet seen the previous threads, I encourage you to head straight to them and enjoy soaking up the Anfield atmosphere, through the eyes and ears of a fellow fan who has just travelled four thousand miles to watch and help cheer his beloved Reds on to a fantastic, end of season victory; one which guaranteed us a place at next season's top European table again.

I did however want to post this now as the World Cup will very soon be upon us and I'm hopeful that we can use it to alleviate some of the usual summer time footballing withdrawal symptoms. It will be great to see some of our current players in action for their respective countries and also some of our new/potential signings showcasing their talent.


With luck, the following may add to the footballing fun this summer, although there is certainly no obligation or pressure on anyone to take part unless they would like to. One thing it will definitely do though is help us iron out any teething problems before we set about creating prediction and fantasy league perfection for the 18/19 EPL season. So, without further ado, adieu? waffle, I give to you,

The AnfieldAsylum World Cup Fantasy Football League:

Click me to register (hit 'login' on this page and there are the options you need to sign up) and then once you're logged in click me and enter code 1G2PZBNZ to join The AnfieldAsylum League.

Also poster DBM has kindly set up a prediction league game for us to try. It looks really good and as he says, may be a great alternative for those who don't want all the faff of a full blown fantasy league. That said, if you really want to sate your footballing appetite this summer then joining both games is surely the only way to do so.

The KopsNewHome World Cup Prediction League:

Click me to join the best predictor league game in town.

Any queries or feedback very welcome and if any one experiences any difficulties joining up/getting started, please let me know and I'll do my best to help. I aim to post regular articles throughout the tournament with updated tables for both games.

Lets hope it's a really good and enjoyable World Cup in Russia, with some splendiferous football which we can all enjoy together over a few tasty beverages. Good luck to everyone's home nations and above and beyond anything else, good luck to Liverpool, I feel certain we're going to win it.

Ты никогда не будешь один (You'll never walk alone)
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