A Day in the Life... Part Three

It's almost time for the kick off... WOO HOO!!!

The stands are filling up quickly now and The Kop has arisen, which thankfully means I can get off my butt and finally stand up. The players are out on the pitch and going through the final stages of the their warm ups before they head back into the dressing room.

Time for the banners to come out and the songs to start.

Final preparations to the pitch before the boys make their way back out for kick off.

We are moments away from game time and here come the Reds, led by our Captain Jordan Henderson.

Kick off is so close now, the place is buzzing and the boys look focused and determined to get the result we need to ensure CL football next year.

One last piece of business before the referee can blow the whistle to start the game, and its something I have dreamed about being part of for a long time.


Liverpool on the front foot right from the start and Mane earns us a corner within the first minute of play, and Anfield is in full voice.

Liverpool press and dictate the play, still 0-0 so there are still nerves to deal with in the stands. Need a  breakthrough to help put everyone's minds to ease.

A free kick from another dangerous area, come on you Reds!

Danger averted by Brighton and they clear the ball. But just like most of the year, Klopp's boys are relentless and ruthless in attack and then 'Hello! Hello, here we go!'. 1-0 to the Reds!

I'm extremely excited to have witnessed Mo Salah's record breaking goal in person, but I'm also super bummed that I didn't get it on video. Why oh why didn't I hit play five seconds earlier? :-(

Anyways when Mo scores, Anfield sings.

The goal breaks whatever tension may have been present within Anfield and now the crowd is in full voice. Allez, Allez, Allez!!

Anfield is buzzing now and the Red's attack in waves, there is no let off today, it's full gengenpress now. Another corner won by the Reds, and then BOOM!! 2-0 for the good guys.

Song after song bellows from the stands and it seems to really drive the players forward, who always look like scoring again.

The first half seems to go in a flash and the next thing I know the referee is blowing the whistle for half time. Excellent first half by the Redmen and the result looks to be certain going by the first half performance.

Half time comes and goes and I realize that my battery is getting quite low, I'll have to go into conservative mode for the remainder of the game.

Second half kicks off, game on!

More pressure from Liverpool and then BOOM!! 3-0 and I'm super happy to have witnessed Solanke's first goal in his LFC career. I like Solanke and thought he had been a bit snake bitten this year, so I'm very glad he was rewarded for his efforts.

3-0 and there really is nothing better to do now then to enjoy the lovely UK sunshine and sing.

With 15 minutes remaining Klopp starts taking off the big three, Mane first and then Firmino and Salah together and all three should take a bow, they have all been brilliant and have provided us with some of the best football I have ever witnessed.

Into the final minutes we go and we are treated to one final BOOM at Anfield this year and its another first goal, this time it's Andy Robertson. Andy has quickly become one of my favourite players, I love his heart and his passion, nor does it hurt that he keeps another certain player glued to the bench. ;-)

With the result now just an after thought, the crowd tries to show its appreciation once again for an amazing season.

The final whistle goes and the EPL season is done and dusted, the boys did their job and have secured CL football for the second straight season. While a fourth place finish is not the greatest thing in the world, I have to say that the football played this year was highly entertaining and at times almost electric. Well done Klopp and team, you should be very proud of yourselves.

The game may be over but the day is not done yet as we have a small issue of handing out the EPL's golden boot to the league top scorer and that is none other then our own Mo Salah.

Luck is once again on my side as its not everyday you get to sing YNWA twice at a game in Anfield.

As the players stroll around the field with their friends and families, the supporters do their best to give the boys the send off they deserve for their trip to Kyiv.

Alright that's it, that's my game day experience at Anfield. Without a doubt it was the best sporting experience I have ever had and I can't wait to get back again, even though I know it will be extremely tough to top this particular day. I have already asked my wife if she would like to make a trip to the UK next year, without the kids and she's all for it, so thats good news. Also I'm definitely going back in two years as I promised one of my buddies who came with me this year that I would join him on his birthday trip. Ideally I would love to get over to Anfield once a year if at all possible.

Finally just a few points of advice to anyone outside Liverpool and more specifically the UK who wants to attend a game at Anfield.

1. Join your local LFC supporters group, my local membership costs me $20 a year, so its really nothing. While you must sign up as an official LFC supporter to obtain tickets or even attend a game, I found it nearly impossible to get cost effective tickets on my own.

The morning that the second half tickets went on sale, I sat in front of my computer at 3am local time, with credit card in hand ready to buy tickets. At 3am I clicked 'Buy Tickets', which put me in a queue with thousands of other people and I sat in the queue for two and half hours and I watched each and every game get sold out. LFC holds back a certain amount of tickets for all the supporters groups and it is much easier to get tickets through your local supporters group, especially if your local group sends fellow fans over year after year as mine does.

2. Select the game you feel has the best chance of NOT being moved. There is nothing worse then trying to reschedule your flight and hotel bookings, which can easily happen due to either teams involved in the FA Cup, League Cup or CL games. I had a choice between 3 or 4 games and I specifically choose the last game of the year because I felt it had the least chance that it would be moved. The league always schedules all teams to play on the exact same day and time for the last game of the year, so chances are it will not be moved. Other games that have less chance of being moved are the season opener and any game around Christmas.

3. If visiting the UK, eat early, the English don't like to keep their kitchens open after 9pm. You can grab a pint basically at anytime of the day, but finding food after 9pm is not easy. :)

This is a bit of a culture shock to anyone from North America because we can basically get something to eat anytime up until 2-3am.

Alright, I hope you guys enjoyed my little trilogy and I will now retire from writing and let the pro's like Jock get back to work. ;-)


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