A Day in the Life... of a traveling LFC supporter. PART 1

Let me start off by saying 'WOW, what a DAY!', it was everything I could have imagined and then some. I can't emphasise enough how lucky and blessed I am for having this experience, but more on that later.

My apologies for the SUPER long, three part article. For those who have been lucky enough to get to a game or two, you may find this to be a little bit redundant, so again my apologies. The only reason I'm creating such a long article(s) is because some, who have never been to Anfield to experience a game or the game day atmosphere asked me to include a lot of pictures.

Now let me also say that before you decide to make the trek from whatever part of the world you may reside in, my experience may not reflect the game day experience for everyone, as a matter of fact I'm certain of this. I met up with the president of my local LFC supporters club during the CL final and he was absolutely elated that I picked the perfect game to go to. He knew how desperate I was to go to Anfield this year, as I really wanted to knock this one off my bucket list. He went on to tell me that while he was really happy for me, he was a little sad for those that had made the long trek from Canada over to Liverpool for the Stoke game, which as you may remember was a dull 0-0 game. Obviously if I went to the Stoke game my experience would have almost certainly been vastly different, or heaven forbid that my initial plans of going to the Tottenham back in February had actually panned out. I think I would have ended up in a insane asylum if I travelled all that way to watch Mr. John Moss do everything in his power to gift Tottenham a point. I'll assume that you get my point, that the actual game will make or break your day, and boy oh boy, did the team ever make my experience something special.

In hindsight everything worked out for me, I can't think of a better game I could have attended this year. Well, other then maybe the home legs of the Champions League quarter or semi final games, which are almost unattainable for someone like me living abroad. With Liverpool already qualifying for the CL final the city was already buzzing by the time we arrived, which was evident as soon as we came through the Kingsway tunnel and we stopped at a local store to grab some provisions. Everyone seemed to have an extra bounce in their step and a smile on their face. Selfish as it may seem I wasn't heartbroken when LFC lost to Chelsea the week prior, it meant the Reds still needed a point to clinch a top 4 spot, which I was certain they would get against Brighton and most importantly it meant I wouldn't have to endure watching the likes of Moreno starting. ;)

As you can see the stars were aligned for me, everything fell into place perfectly, it was like the perfect storm and what a storm it was. Of course it wouldn't be right if I didn't acknowledge the fact that as I stated earlier I'm truly blessed to have such a wonderful wife and family that made this all possible for me and I'm forever grateful to all of them, Thank you.

Ok, on we go... GAME DAY!

We left our hotel via taxi at around 9:00am, as we had a 9:45am Anfield stadium tour booked. Which for anyone considering going to a game is an absolute must, its a fantastic tour and a fantastic experience. I wish I could remember who on the old forum recommend the tour, but whoever it was thank you very much.

So we arrive at Anfield to an absolutely beautiful cloudless sky. Climb out of the cab and my first sight was this and what a glorious sight it is!

Then just a few feet away we have this wonderful statue of Bill Shankly. The plaque as you can see has 'He made the people happy on it', which at the time made me think of our current manager. If he can bring us a couple of trophies it may not be outside the realm of possibilities that we'll see something to honour him as well.

A short walk and we arrive at Paisley Square. Still very early in the day and not much going on over there as of yet, but it gets pretty lively during the run up to kick off.

We entered the stadium and sorted out our booking for the stadium tour. We meet our tour guide and while I now forget his name, he was brilliant, a young scouser with a wicked sense of humour and who wasn't afraid to point out to us on multiple occasions that he was a 'professional'. ;)

Sadly because its game day we didn't get to go into the dressings rooms and the closest we got is shown in the next photo. :-(

The hallways throughout Anfield are lined with wonderful pictures, paintings and such.

I absolutely love Jurgen's passion on and off the pitch so I had to get this picture of him during one of those times when he's at his very best.

Our next stop in the tour is the media room.

We've seen this room hundreds of times, so it was quite cool to actually be in there. JK's seat is the one in the middle, the one to the left is reserved for a player that may join him. The seat on the right as the tour guide explained is reserved for LFC's head of communication (or something like that) and it never appears on TV. The interesting part of this is that basically any question that is asked of Klopp goes through this guy, he gives Klopp a thumbs up or a thumbs down on every question as to whether he should/can answer it or not.

And yes, of course I sat in Klopp's seat and of course in my mind I was running the team even if it was for only 30 seconds. :)

Ok, back on the move now and we go through some more corridors and we get to see more awesomeness.

Into the final stretch we go and the tunnel is now within sight, but not before we are reminded of the club's greatness and history with 'The Walk Of Champions'.

As we come up to the tunnel and the famous 'This Is Anfield' sign our tour guide (damn I wish I remembered his name) reminds us that Klopp has forbidden the players from touching the sign. Yup, they have to earn the right to touch it he reminds us all, but of course that doesn't mean we can't touch it he adds. :)

Through the tunnel we go and Anfield comes to life in its magnificent glory right before our eyes.

While the pictures below of the actual stadium are decent, I just can't explain how awesome this stadium looks from pitch side and fear that my pictures really don't do it justice.

After a few minutes of just taking in the stadium from near the tunnel, we start making our way over to the Kop. But not before I get to sit once again in JK's chair, but this time pitch side. Yup, I run the club again for another 30 seconds, you're all welcome for the Brighton result and CL football next year. :-)

While in the Kop, we were told of it's history, which was informative, intriguing and insightful. A couple of really good stories about the Kop were shared with us and was one of the highlights of the tour in my opinion.

At this point the guided stadium tour concludes, and we now set off on our own to check out the LFC museum.

Museum Visit:

What's a visit to the LFC museum without a little bit of Stevie G.

Another big highlight for me was seeing Stevie G's Istanbul display. What a special night that was, too bad I missed most of it and only got to watch it afterwards in its entirety, but wait that's a whole other story.

Of course we have to pay a little tribute to the King.

Last stop of the museum tour and its time for ole Big Ears.

What's better then one Big Ears? How about FIVE! :)

Alright, stadium tour done, museum tour done. Time to get ready for the game, which means only two things, absorb as much of the electric atmosphere as possible and have a wobbly pop or two.  ;)

A Day in the Life... Part Deux to be posted on Thursday or Friday.

Cheers and please remember that I'm not a professional writer and never claimed to be. ;-)
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