Week In Review: May 1, 2018

So first off, this is coming late, so sorry about that. I've been busy, plus I don't feel I'm amazing at doing these articles, but here we go:

Roma :D

Liverpool players celebrating 5-2 win over Roma

We all know what happened. We all know what comes next. Rome won't know what hit them. Allez!

Weekend Match

Finishing Liverpool 0-0 Stoke, it was yet another frustrating match, and although the performances were a tad different, last weekend's draw and this weekend's draw had a very similar feel about it. We must be take care to put away Chelsea or we seriously put our CL spot into jeopardy.


I can't quite recall who was injured when this week, but our midfield is down to a small handful of guys, and that's not a great thing. I think I speak for everyone when I wish OX our best wishes and a quick recovery.

There is a bit of good news, as last time I checked it seems our front three will all be healthy and available for the midweek match against Roma. Additionally, Danny Ings is getting sharper by the minute, and Clyne is finally fit enough to play, though he clearly didn't use that time off to practice crossing the ball.


There are two notable transfer developments:

First, 20 year old attacker Federico Chiesa has been linked, making him player 28731645870245 to be coming in this summer. I don't know much about him, but he looks decent for his age. However, I can't help but think that some combination of Woodburn, Solanke, and Wilson are good enough to fill the role of 20-something hotshot for our attack next season.

Second, Emre Can and Juventus have been reported to have made some sort of contract agreement. I honestly can't say much about it's validity, but with reports as early as January saying the same thing, the timing is the only thing unique about these most recent rumors.

Kloppo's Right Hand

There's been some drama surrounding the club in the past day, and it seems Jurgen's partner in crime Zeljco Buvac is out for at least the rest of the season. It's unclear if he's quit completely, or just taking time away from the club, but either way, reports of the reason being "personal matters" have become "giant fall out with Klopp" and that is a tiny bit worrisome. Hopefully they can resolve any issues they have by moving to a new website  being adults and avoid bringing the club through anymore needless drama.

Site Updates

I have yet to check the results of the naming poll, but judging by the comments over the past week, it seems some variation of The Boot Room is the most popular choice. I'd like to have another discussion just to have a more vocal consensus, but maybe we're close to figuring this out.

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