UCL final: Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool

Well it’s the first time I’ve been able to bear to come online and I fear this may descend into more of a rant than an article.

It all started so well! The stadium resembled a Liverpool home game and while Madrid looked nervous and edgy, we settled straight into our rhythm. We were creating chances with ease, they were struggling to deal with our press and were creating next to nothing. That Madrid side were there for the taking and it looked only a matter of time until we scored.

Step forward the butcher of Kiev - Sergio Ramos. Some opinions differ on this but I’m sorry, he knew exactly what he was doing there and nobody will convince me otherwise. That was cynical and the way he holds onto his arm as they go down, he maximised the chance of injuring Salah. There are some players who I might have given the benefit of the doubt to but not Ramos. He’s the master of fouling and one of the worst cheats ever to play the game. I hear people saying they would have some of that if it meant winning trophies. Personally, I wouldn’t trade my soul for trophies. I’d rather win nothing with a club I can be proud of than adopt the tactics the Spanish big two use. I despise Madrid from their president to their players to their fans and the sight of Ramos laughing and joking as Salah was led off in tears just solidified my hatred for him.

We never recovered from Salah’s injury. I said to the people I was watching with that the psychological impact it would have on both teams would be just as bad for us as actually losing Salah and that was immediately obvious. They got a lift and we were rattled, confidence draining, stunned by what had just happened. We badly needed halftime and for Klopp to get amongst the boys.

Second half without Salah was always going to be difficult, we needed everyone to lift their game, stand up and be counted but what chance have you got when your goalkeeper is Loris Karius. Goalkeepers, like everyone else, have a mistake in them and their mistakes are generally more poignant than those of outfield players but my god... there are goalkeeping howlers and there was this. The only thing that would have made sense to me would be if he’d failed a drug test immediately after, having had his halftime oranges spiked with enough LSD to kill a horse. That would be the only valid excuse for what he did next.

I don’t even know what to say about the Benzema one. How can you possibly do that in the Champions League final? Just... how?? The second goal from Bale and the one that ended the contest was unfortunately all too familiar. A shot that was as speculative as it gets and he horrendously flaps at it and it ends up in his own net. We’ve seen this from him numerous times before. You could have picked someone out the crowd who would have done better with that. If he’d just stood still it would have just bounced off him! It was so bad it should probably go down as an own goal. If that performance hasn’t proved to Klopp and the club the desperate need we have for another keeper then nothing will. I think he’ll struggle to come back from that both professionally and mentally and unfortunately for him, I suspect he’ll be remembered for last night more than anything else he’ll do in his career.

The frustrating thing about last night is, they barely created a decent chance against us all night. Bale’s overhead kick was unbelievable and couldn’t be legislated for but even with that outrageous effort and losing our talisman, we’d still done enough to take the tie to extra time had it not been for the lunatic in our goal. I think too much is made of Klopp’s final record as I believe a manager can get a team to a final but once there it’s a one off game and his teams are generally the underdogs. The only thing I blame him for is not recognising what the world has known for years which is our goalkeepers are nowhere near the standard required.

Sorry for the rant folks, I generally try and have a measured view on things, tempered with a positive spin but I just can’t with last night. I’m still absolutely seething and had to get all that off my chest.

Hopefully the players don’t carry the mental scars of last night into next season. We need some shrewd investment and Jurgen will need all his famous man management and motivational skills to lift the players to go again next season. Oh and did I mention we need a new goalkeeper?

I’ll finish by wishing Mo Salah all the best and a speedy recovery. Really hope he doesn’t miss the World Cup, he doesn’t deserve that. Walk on Mo, YNWA
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