Legends slam Karius: Fair or just unnecessary?

So the dust has settled following last Saturday’s Champions League final and a couple of German Lagends have wasted no time in sticking the boot into Karius.

Lothar Matthaus described his display as “the worst goalkeeping performance in 20-30 years...”. Ouch! Matthaus is known for being outspoken but he is an absolute legend of European football and a huge figure in Germany. That will hurt... badly. It would be like Bobby Moore telling an Englishman he was rubbish. It would stay with you.

That was nothing however, compared to what our very own German legend Didi Hamman had to say, as he seemed as unimpressed with Karius reaction after the game and his personality in general as he was his dismal display last Saturday.

Speaking to Bild magazine Hamman said his sympathy for Karius was limited before slamming him for his tearful apology after the game. He then went on to say...

“Liverpool fans forgive their stars just as well as any other, the anthem “You’ll never walk alone” is part of life out at the club, with one exception - when you’re ego doesn’t match your performance!

“Karius drives through Liverpool with the personalised number plates ‘LK1’and makes waves in the City whenever he steps out.

“Having airs like that is something Cristiano Ronaldo, alias CR7, can pull off in Madrid, because he has won the Champions League five times.

“Someone like Karius has not achieved anything yet in his career and should be happy to have been given the chance by Klopp at a world class club.”

Again, ouch! Didi clearly doesn’t hold his countryman in high regard and although he may have a point (we’ve all seen the moody Instagram pictures) he certainly isn’t cutting him any slack.

Ultimately, it took me until today to be thinking anything other than he should be dragged through the streets of Liverpool, publicly flogged, tarred and feathered and made to swim back to Germany. Ok I still kind of think that but I’m not sure what good a couple of his much celebrated countrymen (especially Matthaus) sticking the boot into him will do.

I reckon he’s probably finished at Liverpool. I really don’t how you come back from something like that but jeez, give the guy a chance to rebuild a career somewhere else. The worst goalkeeping performance in 20-30 years? Probably but I’m sure he knows it and unlike in the Premier League where you’ll get a chance to redeem yourself very quickly, he’s got all summer to mull over this and probably a fair amount of bench duty next season (can’t see anyone buying him this summer after that) as well.

Ultimately it was horrendous and he’ll already be hurting beyond belief. I can only imagine that these comments from two guys he will have grown up idolising will only push him further into the abyss. They may be true but come on guys... What ever happened to You’ll never walk alone?
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