Summer football - How to follow LFC this summer

Article by Liver bird spotting.

Now I know it's hard to look past the 26th, but there's apparently a World Cup on the horizon. Who knew? But despite this we can still support our beautiful LFC players throughout the summer for their respective national teams. I think we could all do with a look at what each player's prospects are for the summer.



Two players and one on standby - Trent, Henderson and Lallana. The former two are looking forward to being a crucial cog in the quality machine we know as England FC. Sorry, in all seriousness the World Cup will provide invaluable experience for Trent, even if he never plays, but for Henderson it's just draining an injury prone player even further. 

With England failing to get through the group stage in Brazil and being ransacked by a bunch of Vikings in the Euros, I predict a bleak summer of failure for them, however as an England fan, I do hold onto the faint hope that we can bring the trophy back home, but it is faint.

Not going:

Robertson, Gomez, the Ox, Clyne, Milner, Can, Klavan, Matip, Van Dijk, Karius, Moreno TBC, Wijnaldum, Solanke and Ings.

Some through injury some through not qualifying (sorry, Jock) and others through not making the squad. The hope is that they can stay fit and healthy over the summer while bathing in the glory of #6 and come back fighting for #7 and #19!!!


Just Bobby here. Brazil have a good chance of success this time round. I fancy France, but Brazil are second in the Fifa rankings (and I don't mean Fifa 18) and have a vast array of talent as always.

However, it is unlikely (and an injustice) Bobby will get a game with people like Gabriel Jesus above him in the pecking order, but at least he can show Phillipe his winners medal.


In a Group of Nigeria, Iceland and Argentina expect them to finish a close second to Argentina. Despite a quality, albeit ageing, midfield featuring Modric and Rakitic, and a competitive attack I feel their defense won’t cope with Messi etc, despite Dejan‘s inclusion. Therefore I feel they’ll have a decent World Cup but like the next team, I feel the 2nd place finish will condemn them to settling for a round of 16 finish, and Lovren will unfortunately be packing his bags on the 31st.


With a group of Poland, Columbia and Japan, I fancy Senegal to sneak 2nd, however doing so will lead to them playing one of the first placed big guns and I can't see Sadio carrying them through those types of games, but the next man is a different kettle of fish.


What a season this man Mo has had, and what a summer he could have. They're in a group with hosts Russia, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay. On paper Egypt should come third, as Liverpool fans we have to believe that Salah and... Elneny can fire them through the group to the knock out stage. 

I don't know about you guys but I'm more excited about Salah wrapping up the Ballon D'or with Egypt than watching my own team - sorry Southgate.


Origi and Mignolet grace the third placed team in the Fifa rankings and what a team it is. Probably the most balanced of all the teams, I fancy Belgium to go far, with Migs and Divock spectating from the sidelines. However my hope is that they get to the final and either bring on Migs to save the pens or Divock to grab the last minute winner. We can dream.

Note: I know I missed certain youth players and others, but I chose to only include those who I feel have a future at the club, or who are currently in the fold, and yes that includes Origi.

Anyways I just hope that those of you without a team to support this summer, or those of you who support England, can use this as a reminder that the spirit of Shankley is eternal and no matter what's going on in the summer, or any time, you will most definitely never walk alone.

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