Emre Can: Our loss or good riddance?

Few players divide the fan base as much as Emre Can and as his exit from the club is looking more likely by the day, are we losing out on a really good player coming into his prime or is it good riddance to an average player easily improved upon?

For my own tuppence worth, I’ve always been a fan of Emre, although not without frustration watching him. He’s a big physical presence in centre midfield and he oozes quality and technique on the ball at times although he is also guilty of lingering too long on the ball and trying to be too clever when playing the simple pass is the correct decision. At times though, he can be a fearsome midfield force. Remember the way he bossed that midfield against City?

My fear is that he is about to iron out those deficiencies and start to turn out performances like he did in that game against City on a weekly basis. Can is still only 24 years old and I’ve often felt that he didn’t get the patience from the fan base that other young players such as Coutinho got and I think that’s probably because he’s looked about 35 years old since he was 15! He turns 25 in January and is vastly experienced now for a midfielder of that age and he is entering an age where footballers generally add consistency to their game.

That’s the footballing side of it, now to the business side. Emre is a 24 year old German international and we are in a transfer market that is inflated like never before. Our failure as a club to get him tied down to a long term deal, has probably cost us somewhere in the region of £50 million quid.

An accusation that could never be levelled at FSG is that they are not shrewd businessmen and to be fair, they are generally very switched on when it comes to financial dealings but they’ve dropped the ball on this one. It’s very rare FSG get their pants pulled down over transfers but I think they thought with his compatriot Klopp arriving, they didn’t need to worry about Can signing up again and to be honest, I think Klopp thought the same. It was naive from both parties though and hopefully a lesson learnt.

Ultimately, with Keita arriving and likely another CM, Can probably won’t be drastically missed but it seems a very unsatisfactory end for us after developing him from an extremely raw youngster into a German international, albeit not at this World Cup.

From a player’s perspective however, I really don’t understand it. It looks like he’s going to Juventus and from their point of view it makes sense - a natural successor to Sami Khedira (and he’s free). From Can’s point of view however, he’s leaving probably the most exciting project in European football right now for a league that has been in decline for a decade. Ok he may win titles at Juve but it’s like winning titles at Celtic - you’d be proud to have them but...

Anyway, as I said, an unsatisfactory end to a promising player’s LFC career but hopefully he’ll be jetting off to Turin with a Champions League winners medal in his pocket but can only watch on enviously next year when Keita and the rest are lifting the Premier League trophy.

Ah well, moving on... Is there a game on Saturday? ;-)
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