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Hello all, first attempt at an article so be gentle with me both in format and content.

Man wearing kiltBeing a Scot myself, one of the things that attracted me to Liverpool as a boy was the huge Scottish influence there has been at the club over the decades however in recent years that influence, along with the quality of players Scotland have been producing, has waned considerably.

I present this to you however... The decline of Scottish football somewhat coincided with our own. Prior to Danny Wilson’s short, ill fated term with us, the last active Scottish international that played for us was Steve Nicol who left in 1991 - the year after we last won the league. What followed was a period in our history where, relatively speaking compared to the previous two decades, we were starved of success. Sure we’ve had a few good seasons along the way - Houllier’s unbeatable cup team, 09/10, 13/14 and of course Istanbul... But compared to what we were when we had Dalglish, Souness, Hansen and so on, we haven’t come close to scaling the heights.

In fact, let’s take a look at recent history... The only trophy we’ve won in over a decade was the league cup in 11/12. Our manager at the time - the greatest Scot of all, King Kenny himself and there was one Charlie Adam playing for us that season too.

Now let’s compare modern to ancient history... Mo Salah has had the debut season dreams are made of, however he’s only the second quickest player to hit 30 goals for us behind a certain George Allan who was from a small town called Linlithgow, which is near Edinburgh.

I think I have now proved beyond all doubt that there is a direct correlation between the success of Scottish players  and the success of Liverpool and to that end I now expect you all to purchase a kilt and wear it proudly, shouting ‘mon the jocks’ every time Scotland are playing... ;-)

Fear not however fellow Kopites for in Andy Robertson we have the future! Our voracious Glaswegian left back shall lead both the press and the charge for glory and here’s hoping our latest Scot’s meteoric rise is a good omen for our current crop.

From Scotland, You’ll Never Walk Alone

Edit: I feel I shouldn’t have posted this without mentioning something I feel very strongly about.

How on earth has Kenny Dalglish not been knighted? He contributed at least as much to British football as Fergie but his actions in the wake of Hillsborough were something else altogether. To attend every funeral personally was a superhuman effort and he suffered badly in his personal life for his efforts leading to that tearful resignation as Liverpool manager.

His lack of recognition smacks of an agenda against the city of Liverpool from ‘The Establishment’ so I leave you with another quote I loved about Liverpool as a boy...

Scouse not English!!
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