Naming rights and wrongs

It's a poorly kept secret that our beloved Liverpool Football Club actually started life as, er, Everton. Blue kit and all.

My shaky recall of history suggests that the club brass came to their senses, immediately changed the name to what it is today and, as we know, true greatness ensued.

At its birth, LFC (or Ev*rton, at the time), was a hastily assembled squadron of players from here and there, much like our own new gathering, for which we have our respected founder (not you, John Houlding), to thank.

And much like the club that brought us together, it's important that we get our name right.

I mean, dead right.


Kindly suggest permanent names that are not Jughead for this wonderful community down below. For now, the best way to be democratic is to desist from setting up polls immediately. If after some time, we notice that we have a few favourites (upvotes are key), we could then have another debate or vote to make the final decision.

Some have already made suggestions on the previous two pages, but please bring them all here to make sure we don't miss any.

I'll exploit my great power as blogger extraodinaire to make a fantastic suggestion:

Please conceal your mocking laughter to spare my feelings.

Happy naming!
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Just not Jughead.

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