How to make a post

Main Screen

Screenshot of Blogger settings page

Basically, this is what you'll see from the main screen. There are a bunch of options on the left hand side, but most of them won't be needed. Really, it's just "Posts" and "Pages," and they're very similar. On the front, you can see all the posts made plus any that are saved as drafts and any that are scheduled to be posted later. To make a new post, simply click new post. To edit, select a post and click edit. Same to remove.

Post Screen

Screenshot of Blogger post writing page

This will appear very similar to any text editor. It's a little wonky since it kinda translates what you want into HTML, but don't worry about any of that. Basically, you just type as you would anywhere else. Formatting is intuitive (highlight text and click option, for ex Bold or change font). Font sizes are ambiguous, but obvious (rather than pt size, it's just small -> large). To add media, click the corresponding button, and again, it's pretty intuitive. When you are finished, click Publish to make post available to the public, click save to save the post as a draft (it can be edited later, but it is not Published yet), and click preview to preview how it will look when published. The post is published immediately by default, but you can make scheduled Publishings on the right side of the screen. Simply select date and time.

Lastly, a touch on Labels. When you write an article, PLEASE USE LABELS ACCORDINGLY. It's not really that important for the function of the blog, but it allows posts to be sorted and organized very easily. Plus, it helps with searching and can be found as sections in the sidebar. Simply click the Labels tab on the right side and select the correct one, or add by typing it in if it doesn't exist.

If you want to be an admin, please use the contact form in the sidebar on the homepage (click the button that is 3 horizontal lines).

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